What’s The Best Stain for a Newly Built Deck?

Posted on January 25, 2014


Type of Oil stain for the new Deck or Fence

With all the new stains that come out on the market, this is a question that could be answered differently every year. The main item thatWoodrich you look for in a stain for a new deck is penetration. The wood is new, therefore it is still in an excellent condition. The surface and end grain areas are nice and solid,  it requires a deep penetrating stain that can get down into the fibers and lock in. There are several oils that are incorporated in outdoor wood stains for various reasons. The best one for penetrating is called Paraffin oil. That’s why we choose:

Woodrich Timber Oil

Woodrich Color samples

Favorite Colors!

for new decks, fences, and cedar siding.  High in pigment and biocides! Biocides are used in many wood treating products. They are chemicals to make the wood safe from damaging micro – organisms. In general the more of these in a Deck or Fence coating, the better. Because Woodrich’s Timber oil is parrafin based, it does not feed mold and mildew the way linseed oils do. It is a also a great wood conditioning oil. Woodrich Timber Oil deeply penetrates all the regular deck and fence building woods, such as Southern Pressure Treated Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Red Wood.  It is very easy apply. A great product for the home owner to cut his teeth on, so to speak. If you are not used to applying stains, this one is really easy.  Most times a hand sprayer is all that is needed. Back brushing may be required for any standing puddles, rarely, if ever. This product does not create runs, drips, or leave lap marks. Due to the deep penetration, the oil is in the wood and does not peel or flake off. Last for about 2 years. Ease of application, and deep penetration into new wood, make Woodrich Timber Oil, the best choice for your “new” deck of fence.

Having said that, it is also the best choice for an older Deck that has never been stained or has not been stained for a long long time, and you are trying to bring it back to life. If your deck is older and the wood has grayed over several years with no protection, then Woodrich Timber Oil is your “Go To” product. It really soaks into the old dry wood, conditioning it and replenishing the wood’s natural beauty.

Paraffin stain does have a smell to it but this goes away when it dries.

Prep Before You Stain

On a new Deck Fence, or for Cedar siding, you will have to do some prep work. A lot of home owner’s are tempted to skip this step but don’t do it. This prep work has a three fold purpose. To clean the surface of the structure. To ensure the mill glaze is removed from wood that has been planed such as deck boards and the 2 x 4’s and posts of a fence’s framing. Third is to achieve the correct PH balance of the wood so it will fully accept the stain. We like to use the same family of products when completing a Deck. For cleaning new decks we use Woodrich’s Citralic Cleaner / Brightener. It comes in a powder formula and mixes with water. You can use a sprayer, Brush, or mop to spread it on the surface. This product can be used on all outdoor wood surfaces.

Get Color Samples

One of the best things about Woodrich products. Is they offer a 4 color sample packet of their most popular colors for $10.00! And right now they have free shipping on it! It’s really a good deal!

Woodrich Sample Packet SAMP1-2T

4 Tone, Color Sample packet from Woodrich!